This year, the year of the global pandemic caused by the spread of Covid 19, we need a good dose of nostalgia as well as hope to be able to talk about end-of-year celebrations.

In fact, it will not be possible to celebrate as usual with parties, trips and big events.

However let’s see how we usually celebrate New Year’s Eve in Italy and what are the possible alternatives that we have thought for you to greet this weird year and welcome the new one.



Whether you plan it a month before or at the last minute, it is true that almost every Italian loves to celebrate the New Year at least with a flute of prosecco waiting for the countdown.

New Year’s Eve is in fact an opportunity to meet up with friends and family, go to the restaurant and go dancing. It is in fact that perfect moment when people loves to show off a nice elegant and shiny dress or drink an extra glass of good wine.

After Christmas dinner, many people decide to wait until midnight at the local piazza (square) as almost every Italian city organizes live music and entertainment for young and old. Each square, still decorated with Christmas lights, becomes the gathering place to be.

After the countdown and at the stroke of midnight starts the usual ritual with toast and fireworks to welcome the new year. Music, dancing and fireworks are the pillars of New Year’s Eve at the local piazza, a truly Italian ritual.

piazza san Marco Venice



The table of the Italian New Year deserves a separate discussion. December 31 is in fact one of the most anticipated moments of the year to taste special dishes and gourmet served on wonderful sparkling tables.

Whether at home or at the restaurant, the menus can range from fish (the most popular) to meat or vegetarian. Despite the different traditions of each Italian family, in the north as in the south, we can note the six recurring culinary symbols for the last day of the year:

  • Lentils. Symbol of prosperity and good luck for the new year, lentils are accompanied with meat or as a side dish
  • Tortellini (hand made filled pasta) cooked in meat broth
  • Cotechino (kind of pork sausage). In northern Italy it is usually given as a gift at Christmas and then consumed on New Year’s Eve


  • The gastronomic panettone, a semi-sweet brioche bread, divided into different layers and filled with shrimp cream, salmon cream, asparagus cream and goat cheese
  • Fish, whether shrimps in pink sauce, scallops in their shells or lobster. A touch of fish makes New Year’s Eve very chic
  • The Italian sparkling wine or the French champagne and just make a toast with nice bubbles.

Did we inspire you for a new menu?




New Year's Eve 2021 will look a lot different than last year's celebration. Instead of heading out for a night on the town, many of us will be settling in for an evening on the couch.

Nevertheless the spirit of the Italians is full of hope and joy and we had discovered alternative solutions that we would like to share with you, in case of.

1.  Dinner at home, but with a twist of class: prepare a nice menu that looks great! We also recommend lots of cozy candles lights

2.  Fireworks and candles: to feel united with others despite the distance

3. Dress up well: dress up and make up is a way to give value and increase the sense of well-being

4. Sharing is caring: helping people in need is good for everyone indeed!

5. Creative children: those who have children can develop creativity and relaxation with manual activities such as drawing, painting, collage and of course the kitchen!

6.New Year resolutions: it is the ideal time to burn the old and what we no longer want, and at the same time to create space and time for new better habits. Writing a list of resolutions and dreams to come true at the beginning of the year helps to increase energy! A SMALL TIP: PLANNING YOUR NEXT SUMMER HOLIDAYS will keep your energy high!

7. In the mood for books: a good book can become your best friend or a good investment.

8. Bed times: "To rest is useful to work better" is a good affirmation for many people, even better if this mantra is combined with anti-stress cuddles

9.Nature powers: spend more time in nature, maybe having a walk or a yoga session, even in the park in the backyard. Why don’t you raise your glasses under a tree?



That’s how we roll this year.

And now we are curious to know about how you celebrate this coming New Year’s Eve.

Which traditions are inevitable on the last day of the year?

Meanwhile we are waiting for you in one of our locations to enjoy the italian good life all year round and as always you can follow us with the hashtag #isulavibes on Instagram and Facebook