The province of Ragusa, which includes the renowned tourist stops of Ragusa Ibla, Scicli, Modica and Ispica, is a true naturalistic, historical and above all gastronomic treasure to be discovered.


Good food proves to be the natural extension of the Hyblaean territory rich in traditions, flavors and timeless colors. 

Among the main foods of many local dishes we remember the sesame of Ispica IGP, the round aubergine, the Pachino tomato, the Modica bean, the extra virgin olive oil, ancient grains, the carobs, the chocolate of Modica, the precious Sicilian wines, the Ragusan caciocavallo cheese, the almond of Avola, the onion of Giarratana, and still we could go on indefinitely.


Sicily has a real treasure in its hands and this lies in the sunny countryside, in the sea and in healthy plants and animals that populate it; but most of all in the people who believe in the work they do.


So let's see the best Iblean restaurants in the main tourist resorts: Ragusa, Modica, Ispica and surroundings.




1 LA MORESCA (Ispica)


In a true oasis of tranquility, immersed in the Hyblean countryside and a few kilometers from Ispica and Noto, stands the Moresca, an enchanting place annexed to the Relais Torre Marabino.

In the restaurant, gourmet people will be able to appreciate the refined dishes, full of taste and color, created by chef Carmelo Floridia with good organic products from the adjacent farm.

The wine list is rich and for all tastes, including biodynamic ones. Among the dishes to try: Ibleo goat pearls with Ispica sesame, infusion of red turnips and candied lemon, and the capocollo of black Ibleo piglet lacquered in carob syrup with vegetable caponata and fig leaf.




2 ACCURSIO (Modica Bassa)


In the heart of historic Modica town, inside an ancient Baroque palace, chef Accursio Craparo creates dishes that have become legend. It is no coincidence that it is the only Modica restaurant to have a Michelin star. Its cuisine smells of traditions and ancient memories of the Sicilian sea and countryside and lends itself to being a real journey into the culture of the place.

Try the Trucioli di Pasta with cheese fondue, lemon, capers and coffee and the Baco da Seta dessert: the ricotta and cotton candy cannoli with Vecchio Samperi ice cream, pistachio and orange.



In Modica we recommend La Sirenetta restaurant if you are looking for fresh fish, excellent quality meat or a highly digestible pizza.

The menu follows the Sicilian tradition with an eye to creativity, revisiting old recipes with original ideas coming from new trends. The specialty of La Sirenetta is definitely fish, caught in the waters of Portopalo and Capo Passero, the most south-eastern corner of the island characterized by a wonderful sea.


4 RARO (Modica Belvedere)


The refined interpretation of beauty by the Sicilian designer Loredana Roccasalva has created one of the most popular places for true lovers of good food and glamour. 

Raro was in fact created almost in a tailor-made way in one of the most evocative points of Modica, the Belvedere, with its hill and above all the direct view of the Cathedral of San Giorgio and the typical illuminated houses, Unesco heritage.

RARO is a magical place where you can enjoy gourmet pizzas or elaborate Made in Sicily dishes, all embellished with refined luxury details, aromatic herbs and coffe: the typical Sicilian straw bags reworked by the stylist.

In the Vertical Garden you can also lie down in the open air and enjoy an aperitif or a fresh granita in the summer, or a hot chocolate in the winter time. Finally Raro is a quiet corner where you can read a good book, listen to good music, visit an exhibition or take a cooking and crochet course.






The Locanda del Colonnello is one of the most beautiful places to eat in Sicily. A simple cuisine with typical ingredients but carefully studied.

Among the dishes we suggest: Spaghetti with anchovies, potato ravioli with basil and bacon with mussel stew and the cold linguine with lemon, fried courgette and bottarga. The wine list also has more than 300 labels.

The chic and sophisticated touch of a Parisian bistro, thanks to the wooden chairs and the tiles on the walls, give that typical inn atmosphere to the restaurant, and in the summertime it is possible to dine in the outdoor courtyard.


6 ORTI DI SAN GIORGIO (Modica old town)

Go to the Orti di San Giorgio for two things: the suggestive location of the gardens of San Giorgio right at the foot of the cathedral and the gourmet pizza. Wide choice of sandwiches, salads and pizzas with skilful use of local raw materials of the highest quality.

Finally, there is no shortage of chocolate tasting itineraries paired with whiskey and craft beers.


7 ORNATO (Modica Bassa)

Ornato is one of the most recommended fish restaurants in Modica. Luca, the owner, together with his wife Marisa, offer delicious dishes or rather offer a true poem that speaks of love for the sea, of personally selected fresh fish and a lot of passion and experimentation.

We suggest you try the linguine with anchovy sauce and the red beet gnocchi with clams and mullet bottarga. And then the fish cous cous and fish soups.

A real must for anyone passing through Modica.




8 CENOBIO (Ragusa)


A food for the soul proposed in an ancient frescoed room once used by monks.

Cenobio is the didactic restaurant of the “Nosco” School of Food and Wine, both located in the Ancient Capuchin Convent. 

In the kitchen, only seasonal and zero-kilometer products are used, many of which come from the Orto dei Semplici, cared for by the students.

Pasta and bread are made with ancient Sicilian grains.

Try the chickpea ravioli with red shrimp and tenerumi, the potato gnocchi with tuma persa and the sweet and sour pork.


9 DUOMO (Ragusa Ibla)


At the Duomo, a starred restaurant located in Ragusa Ibla, excellence is signed by the extraordinary chef Ciccio Sultano.

The restaurant is enclosed in an enchanting place and precisely in the historic Palazzo La Rocca whose vision is none other than the majestic dome of San Giorgio. Among the first courses we suggest the Modicani ravioli with kid with wild herbs and paccheri dei Beati Paoli with fish and rose scent.

Among the second courses were the Amberjack cutlet with Pistachio from Raffadali and flower olives in Pizzuta d'Avola almond, the Ventresca of tuna, onion and sumac extract and the stuffed Sicilian black pig.

And finally the desserts: from Ragusan cow ricotta cannolo with hot prickly pear soup from San Cono and Pizzuta d'Avola almond sorbet or the famous Sicilian honey babà.


10 I BANCHI (Ragusa Ibla)


I Banchi is not the usual restaurant but a real cathedral of taste where the kitchen offers only excellent niche products and the annexed bakery goes hand in hand with the pastry shop. It is no coincidence that Ciccio Sultano has a hand in this creative work. Among the excellence is to try the various types of bread prepared with ancient grain flours, the pizzas and the traditional Ragusan scacce. 

Among the restaurant's specialties include Spaghetti with butter, tuna and lemon,pasta Turiddu with capers, tomatoes, olives black and bread "atturrata" the Pig dark with mashed potatoes and swordfish with eggplant and tomato

Regarding desserts we start from breakfast with croissants, muffins, brioches with summer granitas and macallè filled with ricotta, cream or chocolate.

Also single portions such as cassata, cannolo, ricottamisù and lastly lemon or cinnamon frosted gels.




We remain in the heart of the Baroque and arrive at the Locanda Don Serafino by the starred chef Vincenzo Candiano.

Its cuisine is based on local raw materials, meat, fish and vegetables, revisited in a contemporary way. Among the most important dishes: the “stimpirata” rabbit and the fresh black spaghetti with sea urchins, ricotta and cuttlefish.

In order not to miss anything, as a dessert we recommend the Sauté Cherries with Nero D'Avola Vinegar, Mulberry Sorbet with Strawberry Veil and Summer Zucchini With Vermouth.


12 AL GALU '(Scicli)


In the historic center of Scicli, right in the location of the Montalbano tv series, is the restaurant of Gabriella and Luca, husband and wife who are passionate about life and cooking.

A cuisine rich in colors and absolutely innovative meat and fish dishes. An example?

In addition to raw seafood and appetizers, we recommend among the first seafood dishes the Quadrucci: pasta with carob, datterino, red shrimp, rocket, and chilli and Gold of Sicily: grated pasta, Sicilian saffron, Avolese almonds, sea urchins, leaf 24 karat gold.

Among the vegetarian dishes are the Quadrucci pasta with carob, datterino, chilli pepper, chopped pistachio, fried aubergine and GREEN GOLD OF SICILY, grated pasta, Bronte pistachio pesto, buffalo stracciatella cheese, tomato tartare, edible flowers, puffed rind . 

The tasting itineraries are also excellent.






13 VOTAVOTA (Marina di Ragusa)


Votavota in Marina di Ragusa is the renowned food temple where Giuseppe Causarano and Antonio Colombo offer their special cuisine, from fish to meat, to vegetables, with a dynamic and refined menu.

In a young location that offers a privileged view of the very popular beaches of the seaside village, the raw materials are ennobled every day.

The pastry chef Antonio Colombo signs the line of desserts.


14 CORALLO (Marina di Modica)


At the Corallo an excellent cuisine of modern and innovative fish (including sushi) enhanced by an amazing view right on the main beach of Marina di Modica small town.

The location is simple but very chic and is the ideal place for those who love to enjoy the sea at 360 degrees, with good food and good wine. 


15 STUZZICADENTI (Marina di Modica)  


In the area of ​​Marina di Modica and Sampieri a new nightlife is being created due also to the presence of simpler realities and street food but with a gourmet touch.

This is the example of Stuzzicadenti, a reality born as a catering service and for two years a fixed point in Marina di Modica, adjacent to the main square of the town and with a sea view.

The highlight is the gourmet sandwich, made by hand and with selected flours. The precious and unusual ingredients and the original combinations make it a real must for those who love quality burgers. Along with sandwiches, panelle and baked potatoes, you can also enjoy an excellent pizza. Few tastes to choose but so good, unique and with a gourmet vision of pizza, oriented to the traditions of the territory.


16 CALA BISTROT (Sampieri)


Sampieri is one of the most beautiful and authentic places on the south-east coast. Its small fishing village, in fact, hosts only a few beaches and bars open only in summer.

Cala Bistrot a small local recently opened, offers a menu full of proposals from breakfast to dinner for those with a refined palate but on a medium budget.

Right in the stretch of the promenade you can see the two palm trees where the tables of Cala Bistrot allow you to enjoy a good coffee or a delicious lunch overlooking the beach and the Fornace Penna.




17 A FINESTRA (Sampieri)


A few minutes from Marina di Modica, in Punta Pisciotto, there is one of the most panoramic points of Sampieri, an ancient fishing village.

Every summer evening, A 'Finestra's street food van delights its customers with healthy and delicious snacks.

The spectacular view of the sea brings people from all over the area to admire the sunset and have a cold beer with friends. Strictly placed on the ground the cushions provided by the food truck.


18 TIKI (Pozzallo)


Landing at Tiki means leaving the city behind and immersing in a Pacific Ocean island. Among straw umbrellas, palm trees and ancient wooden boats, the restaurant directly overlooks the beach and the sounds of the sea.

The cuisine of the Tiki is positively influenced by the sea, with a menu of raw fish, busiata pasta with red shrimp, spaghetti with clams and calamarata of tuna.

There are also first and second courses and the amazing Neapolitan pizza menu absolutely to try.




19 SODA (Santa Maria del Focallo)


At Soda, good food is guaranteed and you can enjoy a wonderful location right on the beach of Santa Maria del Focallo.

The proposals vary from the classic pasta dishes based on meat or fish and fresh fish of the day grilled or cooked according to the classic recipes of Sicilian cuisine.

The menu is valid for both lunch and dinner.


20 A VALATA (Pozzallo)

If you are nearby Pozzallo, we recommend a good fish dinner with a spectacular sea view.

A Valata offers a high level of fish cuisine; from appetizers to rich first courses, fried fish and the classics of Sicilian cuisine.

After dinner, we recommend a relaxing and digestive walk along the Pozzallo seafront.




You will actually discover the multitude of restaurants and street food that the area offers. You are spoiled for choice!

What we recommend, in any case, is to look for the typicality and the use of local raw materials to make a journey within the journey, among colors, flavors and aromas of a unique cuisine in the world, the Sicilian one.



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