Eolie Islands - Lipari


The island of Lipari is the largest of the Aeolian Islands. It includes the towns of Acquacalda and Canneto, on the sea, and Pianoconte and Quattropiani, in the mountainous area. The highest peak is Mount Chirica. The landing of the hydrofoil takes place on the Island to Marina Corta, while the ferries dock at Sottomonastero.

The center of Lipari is between the Marina Lunga and Marina Corta, and is perched on the famous Castle, which stands out also the old Bishop's Palace next to the Cathedral. Obligatory stop hiking on the island is the Archaeological Museum, the Acropolis in Via del Castello, whose relics are the testimony of settlements of over 5000 years. Another attraction of the island are the obsidian flows and pumice quarries, from which gets extract the famous stone.