The 3 most beautiful Natural Wonders of Puglia


Puglia is a region full of natural wonders. Whether you are travelling inland or along the coastline, your holiday in Puglia will face you with stunning sceneries and breathtaking views: they are waiting for you to discover them. 

If you are planning your holidays here, you cannot miss out on the top 3 natural wonders of Puglia. We are so pleased to introduce you to the “Saline” of Margherita di Savoia, the Gargano National Park and the Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve.

Are you ready to be amazed? Read along and start dreaming of your next holiday in Puglia!

The “Saline” of Margherita di Savoia

In the north of Puglia, just below the Gargano, you will find the Margherita di Savoia salt flats. Located right on the coastline, this natural reserve offers a unique spectacle of beauty and tradition. They extend for about 20 km in an area of about 4500 hectares and create beautiful panoramas to fall in love with.

Still today, you can admire the old windmills and the evaporation basins where they extract precious sea salt. The area is today a crucial set for bird nesting: during the stunning sunsets and unforgettable sunrises, you can be amazed by many bird species in their stop to the South or the North of Europe. 

Strolling around the panoramic paths and bridges, you can observe pink flamingos and other species in an unspoiled environment. It will surely be a core memory of your family holiday in Puglia.

The Saline are open to the public for guided tours and birdwatching sessions. You can book your visit through their website.

Sunset at the Saline Margherita di Savoia
Sunset at Margherita di Savoia salt flats

Gargano National Park

Above the Regina Margherita Salt Flats, you can enter the Gargano National Park, one of the most beautiful national parks in Italy. It is a naturalistic gem which offers a huge variety of unique ecosystems. Among its breathtaking views, you can find majestic cliffs, huge woods, picturesque grottos and hidden lakes. You can walk the park through the numerous tracks or by bike, plunging yourself into the unspoiled, tranquil nature.

Among the not-to-miss natural attractions, there are the Foresta Umbra, a very ancient wood of century-aged oaks and beech trees, and the Tremiti Islands you can tour on a daily boat trip. They are a paradisiac corner of Italy located just a few miles from the coast. If you are a beach enthusiast, do not miss also to spend the day on Baia delle Zagare or one of the most beautiful beaches of Puglia (we suggest you some of them in this article).

But the Gargano National Park is disseminated also with precious small towns which are worth a visit. You can tour, for example, Peschici and Vieste, a little borgo linked with the tragedy of Cristalda and Pizzomunno.

 The Gargano National Park
The view from the grottos in the Gargano National Park

Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve

Last but not least, on the Adriatic coastline of the region you will find the Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve, one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Puglia. 

The protected marine area is a paradise for sea lovers, as it offers crystal-clear waters with seabeds rich with biodiversity. Take your time to explore them with snorkelling and diving excursions, and enjoy your perfect relaxation on the fine, white beaches.

The Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve offers also a wide range of paths for excursions that leads among sandy dunes, Mediterranean bush and century-aged olive groves. It is a true paradise for a romantic holiday and for couples that seek peace and tranquillity in one of the most beautiful Italian coastline settings.

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Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve
The Sea in the Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve

Puglia is a corner of Italy that can offer so much more besides culture and gastronomy. 

The natural wonders of Puglia will leave you speechless, allowing you to plunge into stunning panoramas and unique ecosystems. From the crystal-clear waters of Torre Guaceto natural reserve to the wild charm of the Gargano National Park and the unique beauty of the Saline of Margherita di Savoia, Puglia is ready to amaze you.

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