Egadi Islands - Favignana


The island of Favignana is the largest and most populated of the archipelago, and has an area of ​​19.4 square kilometers. The only major height, which divides the island is Mount St. Catherine, on top of which stands the fort with the same name, built by the Normans.

One of the peculiar features of the island are the Tuna, which is still active. To visit the tuna Florio, built by the noble family of Florio, an example of industrial archeology. Among the picturesque bays of Favignana, you find Cala Rossa and Cala d'Azur. From the archaeological point of view, the island offers interesting peculiarity: the findings of the first Paleolithic tribes, in caves near the falls of St. Nicholas; the remains of a  pool of the Roman era, called "the women's bathroom", carved into the limestone; the Cave of Uccerie or stalactites; the Cave of the Well and the cave of the Ficarra.