Sicily as destination for a great family holiday


Sicily is a great family destination and we can help you find the best family holiday villas in Sicily!

Sicily is a great family holiday destination. Walking through it’s beautiful historical city centres you get an amazing taste of people, history and art while sandy beaches, breathtaking volcanoes and amazing nature will provide beautiful and exciting experiences for the whole family.

Beyond art, culture and nature perhaps the single most important thing is that people in Sicily love families. You never need to worry about asking for something extra at a restaurant or getting nasty looks if kids are running around or being a bit loud. Going out with the whole family is something Sicilians do all the time and everyone is used to and loves kids. In fact, don’t be surprised in summer when you see kids strolling with their families late into the night. Seaside towns are for everyone by default, even after midnight!

Of course, the main thing you will need to truly enjoy your vacation is the perfect family base. A great villa for all the family to enjoy and from where to explore everything there is on offer. That is exactly what IsulaSicilia specialises in. We can guide you in your choice to get just the right place whether you are with infants, toddlers, teenagers or a mix of all of the above!

Beautiful views, big gardens to run around, BBQ, and all the most vital amenities (yes we know that means wifi!!) and , of course, the all important swimming pool. Check out our family villas in Sicily section across Sicily and get in touch to find your perfect family holiday villa.