Relaxing stay on the south coast of Sicily

Relaxing stay on the south coast of Sicily by R. Messerschmidt - Germany from IsulaTravel

About the house Villa Giannino: We booked a 10 nights stay at Villa Giannino in Marina di Modica. The house is situated directly on the coast, looking to the sea over a mediterranean garden. You can go swimming directly in front of the house, although the beach is rather cliffy. For a sandy beach you have to use a nearby beach > 1 km away. The house and garden are quite spacious, very good for a family with 3 or 4 persons. It has 6 beds in 3 rooms, but for 6 persons it is all together quite small. The house is well equipped with more or less all you need for your stay. All technical equipment was working without problems (air-conditioning, wifi etc.), also the most things are in a good condition, although some things could be replaced because of their age, f. ex. the armchairs. The house is equipped with a lot of surveillance technology, video cameras outside the house and blinking motion detectors inside. Surely meant for your security, but on the other hand it is a little bit strange, you don't know who is watching you and what might trigger an alarm. There was no explanation about this system. About IsulaTravel: Booking, checking in and out was without any problems. Very friendly people as well when contacting the office via mail as on site during check in or out. For the first time we booked Villa Giannino for a stay around easter 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic forced us to cancel the trip, and we can positively mention that IsulaTravel refunded us very uncomplicatedly our payments. Also because of this experience we now booked this house again for a stay in September 2021. In summary we can recommend this house when you plan a stay in the southeastern part of Sicily.