The White Lotus in Sicily: discover the stunning locations!


If you are a TV series fan, probably you have heard about The White Lotus. It is one of the most appreciated TV series of the moment, but what makes it so special?

The stunning cast, of course. The intriguing plot, too. But what is a painting without the right frame?

The second season of The White Lotus, aired between October and December of 2022 in the USA, is set in Sicily, our beautiful homeland. Crowds of people have been looking for the places they saw on the screen here, among the Etna Volcano, Taormina, Cefalù and the Baroque city of Noto.

The director, David Bernad, chose to set the episodes in Sicily for its Mediterranean atmosphere. The fascinating Old World still present in today’s architecture of the palaces and the crystal-clear water of the sea conquered his heart for the sequel of The White Lotus.

As a fact, if you stroll around the cities and towns filmed, you can actually enter coffees, hotels and actual locations of the TV series. Keep reading for more details!

The White Lotus and the Etna Volcano

The Etna Volcano is in the background of many scenes of the TV series. It erupted as the series was filmed - this led the Volcano to be one of the episodes’ visual themes. 

The Etna can be seen closely from the winery where the wine-tasting experience in the fifth episode of the season took place. Planeta Sciaranuova Winery in Castiglione di Sicilia is actually open to the public and will welcome you with a glass of fresh white wine facing one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world.

etna volcano the white lotus


The White Lotus in Taormina

The majority of the scenes were filmed in the picturesque Taormina. The San Domenico Palace Hotel, from the Four Season collection, is in Taormina and faces the stunning Mediterranean sea over the gulf.

Through the scenes, you can also appreciate Isola Bella, the main beach of Taormina, where some scenes were set on the beach, and the majestic greek amphitheatre. Mount Etna is still in the background, a bunch of kilometres from the set.

greek theatre taormina location


The White Lotus in Cefalù

The picturesque Cefalù, the famous, small fishermen’s village near Palermo, is the setting for most of the by-the-sea scenes of the TV series episodes. On the screen, you can appreciate the majestic Cathedral, with the Rocca di Cefalù at its back.

If you plan to stop by, consider the scenes depicted are not real. While it seems that Cefalù’s beach is right under the San Domenico Palace Hotel, it is actually more than 200km far, so be aware of this if you want to tour The White Lotus’ locations.

the white lotus beache cefalù

The White Lotus in Noto

While filming around the stunning land of Sicily, a stop in the capital of Baroque is mandatory. David Bernad chose Noto as the setting for some of the most beautiful outdoor sequences of the TV series, portraying the protagonists while on an excursion to the city.

If you plan to follow their steps, remember to visit Piazza dell’Immacolata and the magnificent Cathedral. Once there, you will understand why Bernard, and many other directors from the past, wanted to film in Noto.

An example is Michelangelo Antonini’s L’Avventura, featuring an incredible and beautiful young Monica Vitti on her first appearance on the screen. Click here to rewatch the scene set in Noto.

the white lotus noto


But we are sure Noto will conquer your heart as well.

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