The perfect location for your family reunion in Sicily


We have all heard about Sicily, the dazzling isle of Italy. The largest Mediterranean island is renowned for its rich heritage, historical monuments, magnificent temples, volcanic mounts, and breathtakingly beautiful scenery. It is a destination which you must visit once in your lifetime.

When you finally make it to Sicily, don't miss the opportunity to visit the south-east of the island. The charming location has all the wondrous attractions ideal for a vacation. Imagine luxurious villas, tranquil pools, sun-kissed beaches, golden shores, and verdant greenery – South-East Sicily is an enchanting spot for a reunions and family getaways.  
To indulge in the magic of South-East Sicily, choose one of our large villas in Sicily for groups for your stay. Equipped with swimming pools and dozens of convenient amenities, the villas are the perfect place for family reunions, friends' retreats, couples' getaway and special occasions. The villas offer private accommodations encompassed by a calming ambiance. It doesn't matter if you are meeting with a cousin after ages, simple break the ice over a cup of coffee and muffins, share the fond memories at lunch and thoroughly enjoy each other's company by dinnertime. When the sun goes down and you need a breather, bid each other goodnight and retreat to your own rooms. While it is fun to catch up with an old friend or a relative, a break is equally important as well. 

Coming to the villas, they boast a contemporary design embedded with swimming pools, a lavish poolside and utmost privacy. Relax and unwind by the pool, take a dip into the water, and enjoy private moments with your loved ones. Be it a group of friends on a holiday, a couple on a babymoon hoping to spend some quality time together or a family with kids seeking fun-filled activities, the villas are your home away from home. Stay in your comfort zone and explore the baroque spots of South-East Sicily.


family reunion in sicily


The best part about Southeastern Sicily is there is something for everyone. Whether you are a bored teenager or a history enthusiast, the isle caters to everyone! From glamorous palaces and churches to the sights of ragged mountain, almond orchards and vast blue sea, the beauty will completely take you in. Make a beeline for Mount Etna, the world's largest active volcano, fondly referred to as heartbeat of Sicily. Stand atop the mountain and gaze at the sublime landscapes. Next take a trip to Noto, an architectural wonder of Syracuse, known for the Cathedral, the embellished Hall of Mirrors at the Palazzo Ducezio, and the Palazzo Nicolaci with intricately decorated balconies. Enjoy a drink at one of the vintage bar with a friend. If you are with a family, spend a lazy, sunny day at one of the beaches and have a picnic. While on the Sicilian island, meet locals and try to learn some Sicilian. Taste the traditional sea foods richly flavored with spices and oils. Your holiday at South-East Sicily will be an unforgettable memory.