Riserva Pantalica - Siracusa


The Natural Reserve Pantalica Valley dell'Anapo, Torrente Cava Grande, occupyies an area of ​​3,712, extending the territories della Sortino, Ferla, Cassaro, Buscemi and Palazzolo Acreide. The Necropolis of Syracuse is one of the largest in the Mediterranean with over 5,000 tombs distributed along the rock wall. The necropolis belongs to the list of cultural heritage of Unesco, has been recognized as an extraordinary example of the development of civilization over three millennia. The Anapo Valley is also an area of ​​great archaeological and natural interest. The river Anapo is one of the longest of the island and has mainly a torrential character. It originates in the territory of Palazzolo Acreide sources of Guffari on Monte Lauro. Within the reserve there are also two caves, the bat cave and the cave Trovato. Regarding the fauna, the area is populated by mammals (foxes, rabbits, weasels, porcupines), birds (peregrine falcon, buzzard, Bonelli's eagle) reptiles, among which the leopard snake, and insects, among which we note the black dragonfly.