Spring in Puglia: discover the beauty of the unspoiled paths


If you are looking for a genuine and authentic holiday break before the hot summertime, spend your spring in Puglia. Get your time to wander around the beautiful countryside, plunge into the many little borgos and discover the unspoiled treasures of this charming Italian region.

During your spring break in Puglia, you will find a wide range of experiences to live. Take the chance to stroll around the towns by the sea, the masserie in the countryside and its cultural heritage made of food and wine traditions and baroque masterpieces. Follow our tips and start dreaming of your holiday in Puglia!

Discover Puglia’s blooming nature

In Puglia, the mild climate blooms the countryside. You will find plenty of flowers, different from each other in shape, colour and scent. A stroll or a bike tour in the early morning or at dusk will immerse you in a scented and charming dream. 

While on your countryside tour, take your time to stop by one of the charming masserie. There you can enjoy a handmade olive oil taste experience while the gentle breeze of the fields caresses you. 

If you are more of a sea lover, spring in Puglia will conquer your heart. It is the perfect time to relax on the sandy beaches of Puglia. Discover the beauty of Polignano a Mare’s beach without the crowds of August: it will become your favourite place in the world. Despite the water may still be cold-ish, the mild sun will regenerate your soul in a very relaxing holiday.

Moreover, take the chance to cycle or walk around Puglia’s nature reserves. One of the best areas to discover is Torre Guaceto’s Protected Marine Area. Here you can spend your day among the stunning sandy beach and crystal-clear sea or explore the area’s flora and fauna. Villa Charme and Villa Ananda are located just a few steps away from this Paradise and would be the perfect setting for your spring in Puglia.

Polignano a mare beach

Explore Puglia’s cultural and historical heritage

Summer in Puglia can be hot, making it very hard to plunge into Puglia’s precious gems. Hence, spring is the perfect time to wander around the towns’ city centres and among the borgos of the Itria Valley.

Allow yourself a relaxed stroll in Lecce, the baroque capital city. Enter the palaces, visit the churches and get amazed by the cathedral’s treasures. Besides this, of course, take the chance to taste the local food and wine traditions. For example, have the typical Lecce breakfast with a pasticciotto stuffed with cream and a leccese coffee, their traditional iced coffee. If you really want to enjoy Italy’s slow life like a local, plan your holiday spring in Puglia!

Moreover, if you travel during Easter break, join the Holy Celebrations. Religion has a huge role in Puglia’s culture, and the Easter Celebrations are the most important appointments that animate the city during the Holy Week. Every town has its own rituals and traditions, but, among others, Taranto’s Easter Celebrations are among the most renowned and participated.

Finally, enjoy the quiet narrow streets of Gallipoli, Alberobello and Cisternino. The small borgos in summer are chaotic and filled with tourists everywhere, but during the low season, you will plunge into their deepest soul, appreciate all the little details and be amazed by the stunning views of the surroundings.

For your stay in the Itria Valley, choose Tenuta Salènde or Trulli Terre di Puglia. From there, you will really be immersed in the magic of the little borgos in Puglia’s countryside.

gallipoli puglia

Further reasons to spend your spring in Puglia

One of the many advantages of travelling to Puglia in spring is the climate. From the end of March, Puglia starts to bloom, with a warm sun and a gentle breeze from the countryside. It is the perfect time to move around without the hottest summer sun and the high temperatures. 

Moreover, spring is still low-season, so you will not find crowds of tourists in the most iconic places. You will have plenty of time and space to enjoy your slow visit among the olive trees and the little, picturesque borgos. 

Finally, the low season means low prices. To travel in spring means to get the best from your trip to Puglia at the best fares. 

Are you starting to dream of your spring in Puglia? You are still in time to book the utmost stay in some of the most beautiful accommodations in the area. Discover more about our exclusive and luxury properties in Puglia and start planning your next trip right now!

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