Riserva delle Saline - Trapani


Starting from Trapani to Marsala passing by Paceco, coasting along the Lagoon Stagnone, home to the island of Mozia, you are navigating a route, about 29 km long, called "Salt Road".

The area is, in fact, characterized by the presence of the famous saltpans that, over the centuries, have played a significant importance for the landscape, cultural and economy. In 1995, confirming the importance of wildlife that the area has assumed, it has been established The Regional Reserve "Saline of Trapani and Paceco", the management of which is entrusted to the WWF.

The reserve is home to the "Salt Museum", located in Contrada Ettore Infersa. The museum is hosted in an old house restored and the rooms have been furnished with the typical tools of the trade of the miner: shovels, bats, baskets, ropes, wheelbarrows. The site is one of the most important coastal wetlands in Western Sicily.