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The city is situated on the hill “Calandra”. The area is famous for its archaeological park even if the monuments are a good reason to visit the city. The current structure of the town is the result of the reconstruction that took place after the earthquake of 1693. Some quarters were rebuilt around the remained standing Churches (although damaged) of St. Anthony and Carmine, while the others were built from scratch following a checkerboard structure with wide and straight streets. 

The new Spaccaforno leads to the birth of Baroque Beauties as Santa Maria Maggiore, the Church of San Bartolomeo and S.S. Annunziata and, later, to the arrival of Liberty, with Palazzo Bruno di Belmonte of Ernesto Basile. In 1812 the city was included in the District of Modica and in the province of Syracuse from which it passed, in 1927, to the new province of Ragusa.

Villa Solea
14 reviews
Fantastic villa with swimming pool and panoramic view just a few kilometers from the sea and from Ispica.
Stunning View
Amazing outdoor
Perfect for big families and groups
Villa Fenicottero
13 reviews
Exclusive villa near the seaside, with stunning view, swimming pool and large garden, perfect for small groups.
Warm Welcome
Very comfortable and spacious
Perfect for big families and groups