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Isula Travel project was born in 2006 and since then we have learned to understand the needs of tourists, their habits, their unusual requests and season after season we have refined our professionalism.

In 2021 Isula Travel is getting bigger with new proposals in Puglia, Lake Garda, Croatia and of course Sicily, and with brand new experiences to discover!

Since 2006 we managed the rental of many luxury villas, processed about 7,000 check-in, and every year many guests still choose our company. This means something, right?!

If you want to know more about us or about the villas you can contact us:

by email to booking@isulatravel.com or by phone +39 0932904444

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Enzo Peluso
Born in Zurich in 1976, he came back to Sicily at the age of 7. After graduating in Sociology (specialization in Communication and Mass Media) at La Sapienza University of Rome, he returned to his homeland 100% convinced of the tourist potential of Sicily. In January 2006 he founded Isula Travel srl.
Francesco Pluchinotta
Degree in Tourism Economics at the University of Bologna and Enzo's right-hand man. He manages to combine entrepreneurial initiative and concreteness. His positivity conveys enthusiasm and his conviviality is highly regarded, especially when it comes to cooking for others.
Simona Belluardo
Simona has a degree in Governance and Administration at the University of Catania. Before landing on Isula Travel she worked for two years as a commercial in tourist villages and for ten years in a hotel at the front office. She loves endless lunches while listening to everyday stories over a good glass of red wine. Simona is a prepared professional and always smiling, a unique resource in managing relationships with customers and owners.
Bruna Leontini
Degree in Communication and a Master in Hotel Management. For almost 10 years she worked in hotel both at the front office and at the booking. Her passion is certainly her job, the world of hotel hospitality. Always available and predisposed to problem solving, she is particularly oriented to interpersonal relationships.
Lorena Alaimo
Always fascinated by foreign languages, she graduated in International Communication at the University for Foreigners in Perugia with a Master in Hotels Management. After spending several working seasons as a hotel secretary, she joined Isula Travel in 2017. A true music and book lover, and always helpful and ironic. Her efficiency is synonymous with absolute guarantee.
Giovanni Iacono
Isula Home Real Estate Consultant
Giovanni aka Vanni for his friends, is a consultant and real estate broker at Isula Home. Graduated in architecture in 2014 and expert in real estate valuations in the Val di Noto area. Professionalism, competence and transparency are in the first place. A real estate agent 2.0.
Francesco Savarino
Customer Care
Francesco graduated in Economics and Management at Bocconi University in Milan. He loves to travel and good food, and above all he defines himself as a lover of the sea and an aspiring sailor. Enterprising, precise and helpful. Very interesting ideas always emerge from comparisons with him.
Giulia Pedrotti
Social Media & Editorial
Giulia has a degree in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Bologna and has been working in the world of tourism since 2010. She loves too many things but if she had to choose, yoga and the sea are at the top of the ranking. A creative and concrete resource. She manages over newsletters, blogs, social networks and editorial staff, always having a clear focus on the "Isula Travel" concept.
Salvo Scala
Web Development
Salvo has a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Catania. Lover of his land, passionate about sports and good food. He combines true web development skills, SEO sensitivity and operational availability, a rarity indeed.