Egadi Islands - Levanzo


The Levanzo Island has an area of ​​10 square km. The first human settlements date back to the Stone Age, as shown by the extraordinary graffiti in the Grotta del Genovese. The carvings, dating back 15,000 years ago, witnessed a civilization that dedicated his life to hunting and fishing for tuna, depicting deer, horses, cattle, tuna, dolphin and human figures. Other archaeological treasures dating from the Punic Wars, were also found in the sea.

The town is located in the bay of Cala Dogana. From the slopes of "Pizzo del Monaco" you can reach Cala Tramontana, one of the most beautiful places on the island. In the extreme north of the island there’s the lighthouse of Capo Grosso. In the sea in front you can see the most beautiful seabeds on the island. Other points of interest are: Cala Minnula, and the Stack.