Do you know the word “south working”?


With the advent of the pandemic in 2020, many Italian companies had to quickly find solutions to continue working remotely, or rather, from home.

A computer, an internet connection and a mobile phone were essentially the great protagonists of this historical moment that saw a surge in digital professions or professions allowed for smart working.


Smart working simply means working without an office, where the office becomes an area of ​​one's home or an indefinite public or private place.

Nowadays many coffee shops offer the possibility of working with your laptop with the plus of having an entire cafeteria at disposal, otherwise coworking spaces offer shared working stations for freelancers and remote workers who decide to opt for an outdoor location. The prices are very affordable and allow you to reduce the costs of a classic office.


The field that found less difficulty in this pandemic was that of all the digital professionals but also graphic design, legal and financial professionals.

Sectors that unexpectedly got lucky in this change of modality were also fitness and yoga teachers, social media managers, and consultants.


smart working


But let's head to “South working”: smart working in the South of Italy. What exactly does it mean?

South working is a widespread and constantly growing phenomenon which allows many companies located in the North to maintain a working relationship with the employee or freelancer without physical constraints. The worker can then go back to live in his own land (if he is a person originally from the South) or go to live in the South for a shorter or longer period.

The most popular regions are Sicily, Puglia and Sardinia.


It is evident that with this method numerous costs are reduced and quality of life and productivity are gained.

From a recent survey, the people interviewed expressed a sincere appreciation for smart working in the south. The highlights would appear to be these:


  1. Family and friendships. Proximity to relatives promotes a sense of security and belonging to the community of origin.
  2. Reduction of living and working costs. It is known that living in the South costs less. Houses and services cost less and, working remotely, there are no costs associated with the workplace or to reach the workplace. This therefore allows you to have even more time for yourself and your family.
  3. Nature. The South offers an almost untouched nature and it is easily possible to live and work near the sea or in the countryside. All you need is a good internet connection!
  4. Food. In the South, food is a ritual and a certainty. Forget fast sandwiches at the bar, here the business lunch, whether slow or fast, is strictly zero kilometer.
  5. Sport. After work time at the gym? Why not choose jogging or trekking with a sea view instead? Or a yoga class by the sea or in the countryside? In the South you can choose from an endless list of outdoor sports: surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, sup, scuba diving, mountain trekking, horse riding and much more!
  6. Climate. The climate in the South is perfect practically all year round: apart from the coldest months of January and February and the mountain resorts, you can enjoy a mild climate from March to November. In recent years, in the seaside areas, we have even noticed an extension of the summer from April to January.


smart working




Since 2006 we at Isula Travel have been offering holiday villas in Sicily and Puglia.

In recent years we have seen also a growing demand for homes to do smart working and in some cases it was a holiday where, however, the work had to be remotely monitored via a laptop.

You can imagine how much our guests appreciated this new way of working, living and relaxing at the same time.


So what is the ideal location for smart working?

It depends on the budget, the period and the location. In any case, whether you have a large company or a small business as a freelancer, you need some basic ingredients. We provide you with some tips:


  1. good WiFi internet connection 
  2. proximity to the main services (supermarket, public transport, post office) or the possibility of renting a car to move around easily. Something not taken for granted in some southern villages!
  3. assistance: if you choose to rent a villa with us, you will have all the assistance you need before, during and after your stay.


Have we convinced you to work in the South of Italy between a palm tree and a prickly pear?

We also encourage you to consider this option in case you want to give your online business a twist!


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