Beaches in Catania area


"La Playa" of Catania is the symbol beach of the city. They are at least 18 km of extention from the port to the town Agnone Bagni. Beyond Ognina, you will see the little seaside village of San Giovanni Li Cuti, which has a small beach of black sand and pebbles between lava rocks.

Exceeded Capomulini, the coastal villages of Aci Castello and Aci Trezza, are presented with their beautiful beaches of sand and pebbles. We are in the popular Riviera of the Cyclops, where in front of the homonymous beach, emerging from the sea, cliffs of volcanic origin and the Isle of Aci.

The waterfront Christopher Columbus, in Aci Castello, opens in Piazza Castello, with the belvedere overlooking the sea. At it’s side, stands the manor lava stone, erected in 1076, for defensive purposes. The fortress houses the Museo Civico. The small village of Aci Trezza , home of the places where Giovanni Verga settled the “Malavoglia“ , is known because it overlooks the breathtaking views of the small islands of the Cyclops .

Continuing towards Acireale, it overlooks the beach of Santa Maria la Scala, which stretches for about three kilometers. The town gathers around the small harbor called Scalo Grande. Nearby is the cave of Palombe who according to the legend was the loving shelter of the shepherd Acis and the nymph Galatea. Santa Tecla is a charming village near Acireale, located in the beautiful Riviera of Lemons to which also belong to Aci Castello and Aci Trezza. Even Stazzo is another small town of Acireale that stretches between Santa Tecla and Pozzillo. Pozzillo is a fraction of Acireale, Catania sits on the shores of the Ionian Sea. Its name derives from the Sicilian “Pizziddu “which means small or little toe head sea. A Pozzillo is the famous mineral spring water. Finally, through the San Marco Beach Calatabiano, you can hike in the mouth of the river Alcantara and that of Fiumefreddo.