Discover authentic Sicily through Easter celebrations


Easter is a special moment in Sicily. Arguably the festivities are more significant than Christmas for the locals and the number of events are a testament to that. Easter is also a really good time to visit Sicily. You get that magical combination of Sicily in Spring, a wealth of festivities that reveal a Sicily often not seen and delicacies that will having you coming back for more.

“In Easter Sicilians are not just spectators, they are all active participants  - first in sadness and then joy, of a mystery that is instrinsically part of them”. (Gesualdo Bufalino)

Easter processions in Sicily are hard to describe. The mixture of music, the entire towns participation, the statues carried around, the religious fervour expressed mixed with the joy of meeting old friends and family coming back for the occasion. There is something there for everyone from adults to kids. It is an experience that simply needs to be lived.


A trip through culture, tradition and religion

Organize your stay during Easter starting by finding the ideal place to stay with family or with a group of friends. Isula Sicilia offers villas in the countryside surrounded by the traditional stone walls or close to the sea. Each choice a great location to experience Spring in Sicily.

Here are some of the most important events during Easter:

- In Ispica Holy Wednesday and Holy Thursday are the more important dates. The two main churches of the town each have a procession on the separate days and the festivities run through the entire day from early morning to late night. The whole town participates and the two churches with their red and blue capes are in eternal rivalry to outdo each other. 




- In Ragusa, Noto and Vittoria Holy Friday is the most important day where each town has a procession.




- In Scicli there is the famous “Gioia” - literally “Hapinness” procession of Sunday, with bands, fireworks and a statue carried around town with the carriers express their joy by running as fast as they can with the statue.





- In Modica, Sunday is again the most important day. A huge crowd comes out to see the “Kissing Madonna” - “Madonna Vasa Vasa” meet the risen Christ. She drops her black cape and rushes to greet him while the band accompanies the entire event. 




Food delicacies

Of course no festivity is complete without its special recipes. Check here our tips on SIcilian Easter food that you absolutely must try !