Beaches in Agrigento area


From north to south, the route of the beaches of the province of Agrigento, offers beautiful stretches of coastline, cliffs and beaches of fine sand.

In Menfi, you can see the beaches of Porto Palo and Lido Flower; in Sciacca, there are the beaches of Stazzone, the tuna fishery Lido, Lido of Foggia, Capo San Marco, San Giorgio and Lido Sovareto; in Ribera, in addition to the beach and Seccagrande of Borgo Bonsignore, you can visit the nearby River Nature Reserve Platani; Situated near the beach of Eraclea Minoa, in the Municipality of Cattolica Eraclea, you can enjoy the beauty of nature while walking in a stunning pine forest; Nearby, there are the beaches of Bovo Marina, Montallegro, and Siculiana Marina, and also the beautiful Reserve of Torre Salsa.

Once in Realmonte, the landscape view of the Scala dei Turchi, overlooking the sea, is lovely, with that offered by the beaches of Lido Azzurro, Porto Empedocle, and Kaos and San Leone Agrigento. Finally, the small town of Palma di Montechiaro, home to the beach of Marina di Palma.