Eolie Islands - Salina


The island of Salina is the second in the archipelago for size and population. It covers an area of 27 square kilometers and is home to the highest Mount of the Aeolian Islands, Monte Fossa delle Ferns. Salina is divided into three autonomous municipalities; LeniMalfa and Santa Marina.

Leni on the south west of the island includes the villages of Valdichiesa in the hills and Rinella on the sea.

Malfa, the other municipality, lies in the north of the island and includes the villages of Pollara (known for the cultivation of capers) and Capo Faro (known for the cultivation of grapes).

The City of Santa Marina, includes the fraction of Lingua, home to a small pond.

Among the major tours, in addition to the tour of the island, you can visit the bay with the Rock Cacato; rocky areas of Capo Faro and TorricellaPunta PerciatoFaraglione of Pollara.