Pasta with swordfish and Pachino tomatoes


Pasta with swordfish and Pachino cherry tomato - Ingredients: 200 grams of pasta penne; 2 slices of swordfish, cut into cubes, and without the skin; 8 Pachino cherry tomatoes; parsley to taste; 3 leaves of mint; natural unsalted shelled pistachios; salt to taste; black pepper to taste; 1 clove of garlic; oil; red wine. 

Preparation - Cook the oil in skillet over low heat, garlic cut in two, and the cherry previously washed and cut in half. After add the swordfish cut into cubes keeping the sauce. Meanwhile, add a dash of wine, salt, black pepper, parsley, mint. Remove the garlic from the compound. As soon as you realize that the swordfish is cooked, add the  pistachio previously chopped. Add the pasta al dente drained into the pan with the sauce. A slow fire turn around for a few seconds and the dish is ready.