Cassata Siciliana: Sicilian Recipe


Cassata Siciliana - Ingredients for 4 people - 1 sponge cake; 400 grams of cottage cheese; 400 grams of mixed candied fruit; 250 grams of sugar ; 200 grams of powdered sugar ; 200 grams of apricot jelly ; ½ cup of Marsala ; orange flower water ; 30 grams of pistachios ; 80 grams of dark chocolate ; 1 sachet of vanilla, greaseproof paper.

Preparation - Cook on low heat with a bit of water and sugar sachet of vanilla, stirring constantly. To dissolve the compound. Sieve the ricotta and add sugar. Add to the  composed half of the chopped candied fruit, chocolate and chopped pistachios blanched, peeled and cut in half. Stir for a long time by adding the Marsala. Slice the sponge cake into thin slices. Lined the inside of the cake tin with greaseproof paper, upholster with slices of sponge cake, welding them with apricot jelly. Pour the mixture into the pan. Cover the surface again with other slices of sponge cake linking them with the apricot jelly.

Refrigerate for a couple of hours. Prepare the glaze of apricot heating with low heat the remaining apricot jelly with powdered sugar and a little water of orange blossom. Remove from the refrigerator and turn it upside down the cassata on a serving plate. Add the icing. Decorate the surface with the remaining candied fruit, put it in the refrigerator for another hour before serving.