Pasta with sardines


Pasta con le sarde (Pasta with sardines) - Ingredients: 600gr of bucatini; 400 grams of sardines without head and tail; 2 onions; 50 grams of raisins; 50 grams of pine nuts; 4 anchovies; 1 bunch of fennel; olive oil, salt and pepper; 100 gr toasted breadcrumbs.

Preparation: - Clean the fennel and boil. Set aside both fennel and the cooking water. Pour the oil into a pan and slightly fry the chopped onions, salted sardines, which have been lifted apart in a pan with a few drops of olive oil, raisins and pine nuts already softened in warm water and wrung out. Add the chopped fennel and sardines and stir with a wooden spoon, taking care to chop the sardines. After cooking the fish, finish the sauce by adding a sachet of saffron dissolved in warm water, season with pepper and salt, and set aside. Cook the pasta al dente (few minutes) in boiling water (of fennel). Drain the pasta, mix it and serve sprinkled with toasted breadcrumbs.